Top 5 Best iPhone Emulators For Windows To Run iOS Apps 2018

Are you looking for the best iPhone Emulators for Windows to use iOS apps? Or you want to experience iOS apps without an iPhone? Then you are at the right page. You will be getting the best iPhone Emulators here. It is very easy to use iOS apps on any Windows pc using the iPhone Emulators or iOS Emulators. If you use an iPhone and Windows pc, then you may face a lot of problems. iOS doesn’t allow to transfer data to windows directly. In such condition, iPhone Emulators are very necessary and helpful. You can experience an iPhone on your pc by using iOS apps. Isn’t it cool? Yes, it is possible with the help of iOS Emulators. We will be talking about the Top 5 Best iPhone Emulators for Windows. So, you can run iOS apps on your Windows pc.

Best iPhone Emulators
Best iPhone Emulators

What is an iPhone Emulator or iOS Emulator?

Actually, an iPhone Emulator is a software that created a different OS environment on an operating system. It enables one computer system to behave like other Operating System. After installing an iOS emulator on pc, it created a virtual iOS environment. This helps to run iOS apps on Windows pc without any problem.

Best iOS Emulators
Best iOS Emulators

Emulators provide a lot of features and benefits. We have listed them below:

  • Emulators allow developers to test and experience their applications before release.
  • Also, most of the iPhone Emulators are free of cost.
  • With iPhone Emulators, you can experience iOS apps before directly investing in iPhone.
  • iOS Emulators can be used on multiple devices. They are also user-friendly and easy to install.

Thus, Emulators are very useful.

Now you have known enough of iPhone Emulators. So, let’s move to the Best iPhone Emulators for Windows.

Top 5 Best iPhone Emulators For Windows

With the rapid development of technology, a lot of iPhone Emulators are available now. So, it has become difficult to figure out the best iOS emulator for use. We have mentioned some of the top iOS emulators below.

1. Smartface

Best iPhone Emulators - Smartface
Best iPhone Emulators – Smartface

If you love quality stuff, then Smartface is the best match for you. Smartface is the most popular iPhone Emulator. You can develop apps with Smartface emulator. The best part is that it is free of cost. If you are a developer, you can use it to develop unlimited apps. Smartface can also be used for Android platform. Before releasing your application, you can test it in various iOS environments using Smartface. However, iTunes should be installed on your pc to use this iOS emulator. When it is installed, you can develop apps and use its features. A lot of people are using Smartface and are satisfied with it. You can download it from below.

Download Smartface

2. iPadian

Best iOS Emulators
Best iOS Emulators

iPadian is also among the best iPhone emulators. As the name says, iPadian gives the feeling of an iPad in Windows pc. You can use basic iOS apps but it doesn’t provide access to the official App Store. It comes with its own App Store which contains a lot of apps. You can use these apps and feel an Apple device on your Windows pc. iPadian has some restrictions but it provides a lot of features:

  • In the free version of iPadian, you can access basic iOS apps.
  • App Store is available in free version.
  • Premium version costs only $10 and is totally ad-free.

So, iPadian is probably the best iPhone emulator.

Download iPadian

3. MobiOne Studio


The Mobione studio is considered as the easiest emulator available for Windows. With Mobione, you can play iOS games and use iOS apps on your Windows device. It also allows users to develop iOS apps. It is one of the most popular iOS Emulators and has been downloaded by about 1 million developers. You can easily customize interface themes by drag and drop. You can even use very large sized applications on it.

Due to some reasons, MobiOne iPhone Emulators is discontinued. But you can use it by downloading it from below link.

Download MobiOne

4. Xamarian Testflight

Xamarian TestFlight - Best iPhone Emulator
Xamarian TestFlight – Best iPhone Emulator

According to user reviews, Xamarian is one of the latest and top iPhone emulators. It emulates iOS apps on Windows and allows you to use them. It is not available for free, but the features are worth the price. Xamarian provides the best developer support. You can read the whole guide for using it on their official website. Mostly, it is used by developers to check the compatibility of iOS apps. You can download and read the whole tutorial on their website.

Download Xamarian


iPhone Emulators
iPhone Emulators is also among the top 5 iOS emulators for Windows. It is better than a lot paid emulators. Using, you can develop Android and iOS apps on cloud storage. Earlier was one of the best iPhone emulators, but it is not available now. is an alternative of but it is far better than

You can use it for free for the first 100 minutes per month. After that, it charges $0.05 per minute. I think it is very low. You can download it from below.


Final Words

If you want to use an iPhone but can’t afford it, then the above iPhone emulators are very useful for you. You can use iOS apps and experience an iPhone before investing in it. As a developer, you can use it to develop apps and test them before releasing. We have described all the iOS emulators in detail. Now, you can select the best emulator. If you face any problem with the emulators, feel free to comment below. Also, don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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