Best PPD Sites To Earn Money Online [ Pay Per Download Sites ]

In today’s world everyone wants to earn money as easy as possible. The Internet is a big platform nowadays for earning. There are many ways to earn through internet. One such way is PPD sites. People can easily earn online by using their skills on Best PPD sites or pay per download sites. Our today’s article will focus on best PPD sites. PPD sites pay you for every download of your file. Conventionally, Google adsense is considered as one of the best methods to earn online with a website. But nowadays, only adsense is not enough to earn online. So PPD sites are the best option for extra income. As the name suggests, these sites pay you per download. In this post, we will share the List Of Best PPD Sites. We will also go through detailed information about every ppd network.

What are PPD Sites? | Types Of PPD Websites

If you are new to online earning then chances are very less that you have heard of pay per download or ppd sites. Here I am giving a quick answer to the question, what are PPD sites? PPD sites are such sites which pay you for the downloads on their sites. PPD means pay per download sites. They will pay you for per download. You have to upload your apps or any type of files to these ppd sites. Whenever a user downloads the file, the ppd website will pay you. There are 2 types of PPD sites. One of them is a survey and another one is without survey. Survey sites pay the highest amount for each download. The websites without survey pay a very low amount for each download. So guys in this article we will tell you about best PPD sites. We will provide you a list of some of the best PPD sites below. All the sites we are listing here are fully trusted and 100% genuine. So let’s start our topic featuring Best PPD Websites To Earn Money Online 2018

List Of Best PPD Sites 2018

Note: The most important thing you should have to earn through ppd sites is a blog or website with a good amount of traffic. If you try to download your own files by using VPN, then you will be permanently banned.

1. UsersCloud

Userscloud is a file hosting service. It will provide you an unlimited storage space which is free for all users who registered the userscloud account. One other reason that makes userscloud demand as file hosting is the service PPD (Pay Per Download) here you will get paid if someone downloads your files in userscloud.If a user has his own website where he can upload contents, then UsersCloud is the best PPD platform for you to earn online.


Fileice is the top class site or it could also be said the best ppd site. This network generates a platform for its users to upload their files and share them online. As it is a survey site so every time visitors try to download the file they have to complete a survey for completion of the download. On an average fileice gives you $1.00 for each survey completed. This is what makes it the best ppd site. If you have any website with a good amount of traffic, then you can use Fileice to increase your earnings. Also, Fileice is the best and highest paying ppd website.

3. Dollar upload

Dollar upload is also one of the best ppd sites. Same like all other sites you can earn money by uploading contents on it. For this, first of all, you have to create an account on it. After registration of account, you have to upload your contents and share your links. You will get paid for every successful download. You can upload any kind of content here. It could be an image, Zip file, mp3, audio or video or anything else. No matter whatever the content is. This site will pay you per download.

4. ShareCash

ShareCash is one of the best ppd sites. It is an awesome ppd site. You have to upload your contents on it. The visitors who want to download will have to unlock the link to download the content they wish to. You will be awarded every time when a successful download happens. This site pays approx $1.00 to you every time when the visitor unlocks the link. This site is fully genuine and trusted.

5. AdscendMedia

AdscendMedia is one of the top ppd sites. The AdscendMedia is a CPA marketing solution which works for providing high quality leads to advertisers and very high payouts and services to affiliates. The network is one of the best options because it gives you the pay per click marketing strategy. This is what that makes it a cheap and affordable option. If you have any website where you can upload anything on a single click on download button of your content, you will be awarded some Dollars.


Indishare is one of the best ppd sites. In fact, it is the best ppd network. If you want to make money with the option of uploading videos,  then you are at right place as this site is best for it. Some Pay per download websites restricts us to upload Videos on them. So in that case, Indishare is the best option or platform to upload your desired videos. Also, you can earn good amount of money, every time people download your content from there. If you want to upload mp3 songs then also it is the best ppd site. It awards you $10 for per 1000 downloads. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start uploading your contents and earn some money by sitting at home.

7. Daily Uploads

It is one of the best ppd sites without survey. It is an awesome site without survey. This site will pay you up to $15 for 1000 downloads which are made from your website. But there is a restriction on the size of the file. The size of Your files must be minimum 1 MB! This site will count only complete downloads. Doing unfair or cheating or Abusing the reward system will lead you to a permanent ban. If you want to earn some dollars by using Daily Uploads, then size of the file should be greate than 1 MB.


So guys here we have provided you some of the best ppd sites. If you are really interested in earning online then this article will be of great use to you. In this article, we have provided both kinds of ppd sites.  We have listed survey sites as well as without survey sites. If you have any kind of queries or complaints regarding this article you can inform us in the comment section.  Please share this article with your friends, relatives colleagues maximum as you can. For further information please stay tuned to our site.

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