Download FRP Bypass Apk 2018 [ Latest Version ]

A lot of people are looking for the ways to bypass Factory Reset Protection lock. If you have reset your phone, then you can’t open it without entering your Samsung account credentials. This may become a problem if you have lost your account details. So, we are going to share the 100% working FRP bypass apk 2018. If you are looking for the same, then here is the best FRP bypass apk for Samsung. With the Android Lolipop 5.0, Google brought a new security feature for the devicse running on Android OS. It is called Factory Reset Protection. It is considered as a security to avoid misuse of your phone’s data if it is stolen. At the same time, it also became a problem for some android users because they have forgotten their Google account and are locked out of their device. So, here is the FRP Bypass Apk latest version.

FRP Bypass Apk
FRP Bypass Apk

FRP Bypass Apk

With the latest FRP Bypass apk, you can easily bypass FRP (Factory Reset Protection) lock. The working of FRP is quite adeptive. When you set up a Google Account on your android, FRP is activated automatically by the system. If you reset your phone, then you can’t open it directly. First, we have to verify our Google account by entering details. If you have lost your account details, then phone will not open. But don’t worry, we are here sharing the best FRP bypass app or Google Bypass apk. With the FRP bypass apk, it is easy to remove FRP lock google account on Samsung mobiles. However, FRP lock is a very great security measure. It helps very much when your phone is lost and someone resets it. FRP prevents unauthorized access to your Samsung phone. Samsung account bypass is an easy task with FRP bypass app.

FRP Bypass Apk
FRP Bypass Apk

There are some conditions when you may face the trouble. If you buy a second hand android device and reset it without setting up your Google account, the phone will not open until you enter the account details. Also, you may face other situations. The FRP bypass apk may help you to bypass FRP lock. You can delete your phone’s data and can unlock it without entering Samsung account. The app is working fine on Samsung, LG and other devices. Now, move ahead and download the latest FRP Bypass Apk from the link in below section. Let us jump to the information about the app now.

• Download FRP Bypass Apk Latest Version

Now it is the time to come to the main part. Below is the download link and all the version info about FRP (Factory Reset Protection) Bypass Apk. The tool is very small in sizs and handy to use. Just download the app from below link.

Name Of File FRP Bypass Apk

File Size 46 KB

File Type application/


File Extension Apk

These were the basic version info of the FRP Bypass Apk. The app is very small in size. So, you can download it in a second easily. Below I have shared the download link for the app. Get it now.

Download FRP Bypass Apk

Hope you have successfully downloaded the latest FRP bypass app from link above. After downloading the apk, you can follow the guide to bypass FRP in Samsung devices. It is an easy process amd will decrypt your phone quickly.

FRP Bypass Apk
FRP Bypass Apk

The app is working fine. It bypasses FRP lock easily. But if you face any problem while doing the work, you can follow below things.

  • If you are using and Android device running on Android Marshmallow or above OS and you can’t bypass FRP using the FRP Bypass Apk, then you may have to downgrade your phone. After downgrading phone to lower versions, you can use the app. But downgrade your phone only if you are concerned about it.
  • You can also go to any mobile software shop. They will do the work in few minutes and cheap rate.

You can try these 2 things if FRP bypass apk is not working on your phone.

• Conclusion

Today, we presented the best Factory Reset Protection lock bypass apk. It is also known as FRP bypass apk. If you have hard reset your phone and forgot your account details, you can use FRP bypass apk to open your phone. We will be soon back with the process to bypass FRP lock using FRP bypass apk. Google is introducing new security features for their devices. It may happen that FRP bypass may not work with your new device. But we will be updating the article with the latest method to bypass frp. Visit regularly for more tricks and don’t forget to share.


Here is a quick video description of FRP Bypass Apk.

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