How To Change Facebook Account Name Before 60 Days

Howdy guys. This is Bhavesh Sharma here and today I am back with a brand new latest trick for all of our readers. I am sure you are gonna love this trick if you are a Facebook geek. Facebook is used by everyone nowadays. Even people have a large number of Facebook accounts with different names. Name om Facebook has always been a comtroversial matter as Facebook is very strict aboit its policies when it comes to the name of a Facebook profile. One of the oldest and the most horrible measure of Facebook is that we can’t change our Facebook name within 60 days of the last change. Earlier one could change account name only three times. But later FB removed this limit and made a new policy that we can’t change our name before 60 days.

A lot of people have got problems after the uodate of this policy by facebook as people who make fake accounts on fcacebook with names of other people. Yeah, dacebook have made this policy to stop fake accounts to be created on facebook. I think thisbis a great security measure by fb to secure its environment from people that poluutes itnwith a large number of fake accounts.

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