How To Tag All Facebook Friends At Once

Nowadays a lot of people to know How to tag all facebook friends at once on a post? If you are also lookong for the same, you have landed at the right page. Whenever we publish a post on Facebook, we want to get maximum number of likes and comments on it. For this we tag our friends on the post so that they can comment and like it. But what if you want to get a large number of likes and comments? For this you have to tag all your friends on the post. But this is not possible as it takes a lot of time to tag thousand to 2 thousand people. But now you don’t need to worry about it. With our today’s method you will be able to easily tag all facebook friends at once.

Facebook is one of the most popular social netwok nowadays. Almost all the people use it to share things with everyone. When we share a post on Facebook we want to expose it to everyone in our friend list to get a lot of likes and comments. The best way to do so is to tag friends on the post. It takes a lot of time to tag all facebook friends on a post. But with our latest trick you can easily tag all facebook friends in singls click. So, check out the latest method to tag all friends on facebook at once. With this method you can mention all your friends in the comment section in one minute. Isn’t it great? Yeah, then let us move on to our topic.

We have found two method to tag all facebook friends in a single click. For both the methods you need a pc. In the first method we will use a script while in the second method we will use auto tag bat tool. The 2 methods we are going to share are working finely and tested by me. Now without consuming more time, have a look at the requirements to tag all facebook friends on a post.


This thing will be in your mind that what things you need to use this method. Below I have mentioned the requirements for this trick.

A laptop or pc.

A Facebook account with considerable number of friends.

Working Internet Connection.

Javascript Code for the first method. (The script is given in the tutorial.)

Auto tag bat file for the second method. (Link given in the steps. )

So these are things you must have to tag all your friends in single click. Below we are mentioning 2 methods to do so. Based on which method you select, take one thing from the last two requirements.

Method 1

In this method we will use the tag all facebook friends script for the work. If you don’t want to download any file or tool then this method is the best for you. Only a script will do all the work. Follow the steps described below to tag all your facebook friends at once.

1. First of all, open Google Chrome on your pc and visit and login to your account.

2. Now post a simple status update or anything you want to share. Then click on the timestamp of your post i.e. for ex.  1 minute ago.

3. You will reach the direct link of your post. Make a right click anywhere on the screen. Then select Inspect Element option from the list.

4. Hit the Console option to open the Console tab.

5. Now copy the below given javascript and paste it in the Console tab.

When youbare done with pasting the script, hit enter. That’s it.

Now sit back and see the magiv of the script. Within afew minutes all your facebook friends will be tagged on the post. The script will also mention a your friends on the post. This is all you have to do to tag all friends on facebook. I have used this method and it works fine. This is the easiest method you can find anywhere for this purpose.

Warning : Don’t use this method again and again as this will block your comments and posting on Facebook. Also use this method on your own risk as we will not be liable for any mishappen with your fb account.

If you have a large number of friends say 3000 or more then the above method may take long time. In this condition we have a second method too which is superfast. So, let us check it out.

Method 2.

In this method we will use the auto tag bat file to tag all facebook friends on a post. It is also a simple and easy method to mention all your friends. Follow all the steps given below for this method.

1. Open on your pc browser and login to your.

2. Post a status update or anything you want to share on facebook.

3. Minimize your browser.

4. Now download auto tag bat file from below link.

5. Run the auto tag bat and hit the tag friends option below the post.

The tag bat will start tagging your friends on the post. One by one all your friends will tagged on the post within a few minutes. This method is also working fine and simple too. You only need the tag bat file and the rest of the work is automatic. Now you can easily tag all facebook friends at once on any post.

These were the two best method to tag all facebook friends at once on a post. From now you will not have to waste your time in tagging a lot of friends. From the first method you can use the tag all facebook friends script to tag all your friends. You can also use the second method described in above section. This was all for today. Keep visiting to get more tricks like this.

Final Words

So, this was our today’s post featuring the guide on How To Tag All facebook Friends At Once In Single click? We shared two latest and easiest method to do so. You can select any of the method as both of them are working finely. I hope you have learnt how to tag all friends on facebook at once now. We have also shared screenshots with each step so you will not face any problem in the steps.  If you still face any problem while following the above two methods, tell us your problem in the comments. We will reach you with the solution. Enjoy tagging your friends and don’t forget to share this guide with your friends.

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