Top 7 Best Sites Like Craigslist : Craigslist Alternative Websites

When it comes to selling products online, craigslist is the best and most popular website. Indeed, Craigslist is the first site for classified advertisements. A lot of other such websites are there on the market but craigslist is the leader because of its easy layout and interface. Despite such features, there are a number of drawbacks of craigslist like it loses user-friendliness. A lot of products on the site are just a scam and also there are a lot of spam ads. So, people look for sites like craigslist to sell products online. We have made a list of 7 best websites like craigslist which you can use. If you are looking for the same then here are the best sites like craigslist. Let us check out them now. You can also consider these as craigslist alternatives.

Best Sites Like Craigslist
Best Sites Like Craigslist

Best Sites Like Craigslist

Now we are starting our main topic. Below I have mentioned 7 sites like craigslist. So, let us move on to detailed description of every site.

1. Hoobly

According to me, Hoobly is the best site like craigslist. It is similar to craigslist with a user-friendly design. You can easily search what you are looking for. You can also post an ad to sell something. The best feature of hoobly is that you can connect your Facebook account with it and easily share your advertisements on Facebook wall. Advertisements are generally free. You can also use the premium version by spending some amount. Hoobly is the best site to adopt and sell pets.

2. eBay Classifieds

eBay Classifieds is also a powerful site like craigslist. Basically, it is an e-commerce platform. However, you can also buy and sell items here. eBay is a trusted and there are no scams here. On eBay, people post an ad and then buyers bid for the item. It is an awesome platform to buy and sell items. eBay is one of the best alternatives to craigslist. Their website design is also good and user-friendly. You can sort the items you like with photos. The site includes ads from selling, renting, jobs, pets and much more. Check out their new site design now.

3. Oodle

Oodle is also a good site like craigslist or we can say that it is a great craigslist alternative. It works similar to Hoobly. Their website design is like Facebook which makes it easier to navigate the site. Similar to Hoobly, in Oodle, you can sign in with your Facebook account and post ads by Facebook account. Oodle also shows ads from other websites like eBay and Facebook marketplace. This makes it one of the best-classified advertisements site. With social media, Oodle is growing larger day by day.

4. Recycler

Recycler is the 4th site in the list of sites like craigslist. It is one of the major rivals to craigslist due to good site design. It was started in 2010. Now it has become a well established classified advertisements site. In working, it is much similar to craigslist. Now Recycler also allows to post and share ads on Facebook. The site also provides a search tool which can be used to sort items quickly. The best part about Recycler is that you can also exchange products like pets. So, it is a good site like craigslist and you can use it to sell used items or buy anything.

5. LetGo

LetGo is also an excellent website like craigslist. The best feature of LetGo is that it has a mobile app. You have to create an account in the app and then click a picture of the product you want to sell from your phone camera. Such things make it a way better than craigslist. It shows your ads to the local buyers. LetGo gives free classified ads to everyone. You can also upgrade to premium for better features.

6. Backpage

Backpage free classifieds is also a well know website like craigslist. It allows posting ads for free. If you are a buyer then you have to select your location and then you can easily find ads from your locality. You can also select your town for a broader area. It is available for people from the nations US, Canada, UK, Asia, Europe etc. The website has a simple design and is easy to use. As a seller, you can post an ad of product with its price and image and the buyer can message you about it.

7. US Free Ads

It is also an advertisement website like craigslist. Basically, it is free for use but you can also upgrade to get more coverage of your advertisements. It provides a lot of instruments to sellers. The only drawback is that you have to create a merchant account to post ads on US Free Ads. You can advertisements related to every category like toys, property, rent, activities house, jobs and a lot more. It is also simple to use. With all these things it is a great site like craigslist.


So, these are the 7 best sites like craigslist for classified advertisements. All these are trusted and reliable. If you don’t want to use craigslist, you can use them as a craigslist alternative websites. It was all about craigslist alternatives. We will back soon with some interesting stuff for you. Don’t forget to share this article. If you also know some websites like craigslist, share them with us. I hope you found this article helpful.

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